Disston KB7- AY Chainsaw

Due to not knowing what is on the nomenclature tag, this saw is believed to be a model KB7-AY. The two options to this model were the "AY" or "B". The "AY" engine produced 11 hp and the "B" produced 12 hp. The engine is a Kiekhaefer two cylinder. Total saw weight is approximately 100 pounds. How would you like to lug this through the woods?

Manufacturing dates for this saw is between 1946 and 1950.

This saw was photographed at the 2006 Bennington Car Show in Pownal, Vermont.

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mercurysaw0006.jpg (145053 bytes)


mercurysaw_0002.jpg (180721 bytes)

mercurysaw_0003a.jpg (355968 bytes)


Close-up of tailstock and oiler.

mercurysaw_0003b.jpg (100013 bytes)


Power is transmited to the chain via a lever operated clutch.

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