McCulloch 4-10

These pictures are of me and my 4-10 converting big pieces into little ones. The log I am cutting is Yellow Birch. I hand sharpen my chain and as you can see, it spits big chips. Each individual cut was completed in less than ten seconds. My 4-10 is only 3.3 cubic inches in displacement, but it has out cut bigger saws. The bar is the original McCulloch hard nose. While in my possession, this saw has cut a minimum of 8 cords per year for over twenty years. Not bad for a saw that was built in 1966.


McCulloch 4-10 Sound File

mac_4_10_0001.jpg (86583 bytes)


mac_4_10_0003.jpg (100853 bytes)


mac_4_10_0004.jpg (136520 bytes)


mac 4-10 0009.jpg (372853 bytes)


mac 4-10 0008.jpg (372832 bytes)


mac 4-10 0010.jpg (352649 bytes)



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