Here is a guy who needs more than just a lift!

He is retired, on a fixed income, the care provider of his wife, and now without a car.

In the photos is the remains of his car after a big rig pushed him through a red lighted intersection at 40mph. Yep!   He was sitting at a red light when the tractor driver, who was not paying attention, rammed his Pontiac classic doing 40mph.  The speed limit is indeed set at 40mph, with a quarter of a mile view of the light and intersection. What the driver of the tractor was doing for a quarter of a mile is anyone's guess. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on a cell phone, only he'd never admit it since that would be against the law in New York State.

From the time I come up over the hill approaching the intersection, there is a quarter mile with total visibility. It takes me 23 seconds to reach the intersection at the 40mph speed limit. My friend will probably never know what the driver of the truck was doing for 23 seconds, except that he wasn't paying attention.

My friend went to the hospital and fortunately, there is no visible damage to himself. It's hard to believe.

In the end my friend will be paid market value for his car and nothing else.

But... the insurance company isn't going to reimburse my friend for the work he has put towards restoring his classic Pontiac. He has put a lot of work into bringing it back to near original condition. He searched around to find a car with a good solid body and frame. That isn't any easy task in New England, where the salt on the winter roads devours cars in about 10 years.

If anyone is interested in throwing some chump change in my friend's direction, you can email me at You can mail it, or Paypal it. Any amount will certainly be appreciated and can make a big difference toward adding to what the insurance company will give him. Let everyone you know who might have some spare change know about this webpage. It will probably take the insurance a couple of months to try to settle with him. So, I am looking at ending this September 30, 2009. Please help spread this around.

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