Cover of 1914 Sears DeLuxe motorcycle manual

This section is dedicated to the legendary American marques, whose designs and engineering have led the way to the next century's modern motorcycle. The name, "Blazing Thunder," was chosen because it fully represents the achievements and noise they produced. Every manufacturer engaged in racing. The fastest bikes sold the most. As riders "Blazed," around the tracks trying to set new speed records the exhaust cutouts were opened for power and that,"Thunderous," noise. Click on the link to see what some cutouts looked like,  cutouts .

The very early motorcycles, known as, "Autocycles," were beefed up bicycles with low horsepower motors.  The power usually was transferred to the rear wheel via a leather belt.  This method lasted into the second decade. One of the most dominate retailers of this century, Sears, marketed their own motorcycles for almost four years. 

If you are a collector, you will understand the hours of labor and thousands of dollars required to bring a motorcycle back from junkyard condition. For those of you who are just embarking on the arduous journey of becoming a collector, I hope these photo studies will inspire you. There is no substitute for real life, but what you will see here is the next best thing. And for the rest of us who are content to appreciate the efforts of collectors, there is a lot here to enjoy.

Special Excelsior note!

I am only working on American marques for now. Perhaps next year I will have the opportunity to photograph some foreign marques. If anyone is willing to invite me, send me an email to

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 1929 Excelsior Henderson

  1930 Excelsior Henderson "Super X"

1917 Excelsior Twin

1913 Excelsior Twin

1912 Sears Dreadnaught

Submitted Photos from Visitors

1967 Triumph T120

The Yankee Motorcycle!

1956 Triumph T110 Flat Tracker

Ken's Triumph T120 Street Tracker


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