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For thousands of years man tried to fly. Lacking success, he fantasized of it in his writings and art. A well known example in Greek mythology is Icarus, who flew too close to the sun with his wings of sticks, wax and feathers. For this foolhardiness he fell and gave his life to the sea. Man was not discouraged by the many failures. Each one taught a new lesson and brought him closer to his dream. In the late nineteenth century, little toy aeroplanes began to show up in the hands of children. Some only glided while others flew by rubber band powered propellers. These toys proved that uncontrolled flight was possible; encouraging men from many nations and of every caliber to work feverishly on the problems between them and the sky. 

This section of Ancient Alley is dedicated to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome and the many people who work there. It is especially dedicated to the man who founded it, the late Cole Palen.

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No matter how much or little you know about aviation, I recommend you come and see the, "Birth Of Aviation."  You will be amazed as you see how men began military and commercial aviation.  Besides airplanes, there are also old cars and motorcycles.

Dogfight between a Sopwith and Fokker Dr.1A Sopwith Camel and Spad XIII flying in formation

Coming to, 
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
is a giant leap back in time.

During the "Golden Age of Aviation" (also known as the "Barnstorming Days") folks often sat on plank benches beside a grass airstrip to watch the air show.  They, "ooh'd and aah'd, as amateur and former military pilots performed aerobatics in delicate planes made of wood and fabric. At, "Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome," you get to do the same thing.  It is a whole day (weekend if you wish) with aviation history.  The air shows are narrated by Jim Hare, who will educate you about events as they are performed. Come and talk to the pilots. No where else in the world can YOU talk with men about the W.W.I aircraft they fly. This is a place to bring the whole family for good wholesome entertainment.

You won't go away disappointed. And when you do leave, you will never forget what you experienced.

Have you ever wanted to see working vintage airplanes? Want to fly in a restored biplane? There are four museum buildings filled with aviation exhibits from the early twentieth century. Come and experience man's success with early flight.

Come Visit Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

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The Founder


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Curtiss D Pusher


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The FounderThe Founder of Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum and Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Airshows.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome - A step back in Aviation history.The Show Grounds

1928 New Standard D-25Biplane Rides - Hudson Valley tour from the air.

First to cross the English Channel by Air!1909 Blériot XI

1910 Hanriot1910 Hanriot

Check out this lastest article1918 Curtiss "Jenny" JN-4H

 1917 Fokker Dr.1The Red Baron's favorite

The most maneuverable Allied fighter1917 Sopwith "Camel"

1913 - 1917 Caudron G.3Caudron Artillery Spotter and Reconnaisance

The D.VII was the only plane confiscated by the Allies at the end of WW1.1918 Fokker D.VII

1918 Fokker D.VIIIIt was called the Flying Razor by the Allies.

One of Cole Palen's original six planes was an Avro 504 K1914 - 1918 Avro 504 K

1918 Albatros D.VaThe plywood fuselage served as a light armor.

From the Golden Age of Aviation.1931 Great Lakes 2T-1MS


Mike Vines Flying Vintage Aeroplane Photos - Available at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum"Return to Rhinebeck"

1918 Gnome Rotary Engine

The Spirit of St. Louis

Rotary Rambling

Projects in Progress

 Rhinebeck July 2008

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Cole Palen flying his 1917 Fokker Dr.1

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Birth place of the Spirit of St. Louis


This is a non-profit web site, dedicated to the founder Cole Palen, and the promotion of, "Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome."


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